Sofia City Prosecutor's Office is conducting an investigation for an organized criminal group

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office is conducting an investigation for an organized criminal group

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has received a secret report from the security services, which contains evidence of organized crime.

On 14.09.2022, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated by a decree of the prosecutor of Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office for leading and participating in an organized criminal group established for the purpose of receiving proceeds from criminal activities, money laundering and tax crimes. The investigation has been assigned to the Investigation Department of Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office.

In the course of the criminal proceedings, investigative actions have been carried out, through which evidence has been collected and verified which provides reasonable grounds to believe that criminal offences have been committed. In this connection, two persons have been charged as accused.

A person with initials T.I. was charged with the crime of extortion under Article 213a of the Criminal Code and possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs (cocaine), a crime under Article 1 of the Criminal Code. A pre-trial detention order was issued.

A person with initials D.G. was charged with the offence of possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs (cocaine) under Article 1 of the Criminal Code. At the present time, a pre-trial detention order has been issued by the Sofia City Court, and the court's order has been confirmed by the Appellate Court Sofia. The accused D.G. has been convicted of hooliganism, infliction of moderate bodily injury, participation in an organized criminal group and attempted fraud.

 In the course of the investigation, searches and seizures were carried out, during which narcotic substances and 21 000 euros were found and admitted as material evidence.

In the pre-trial proceedings, narcotic substances and a sheet of paper with the following text printed on it: 'TROUBLEMAKERS TO BE dismissed', on which are written the names and current positions to date of judges, prosecutors and investigators from the closed structures of the specialized justice system. During a search and seizure of a residence occupied by the accused D.G., narcotic substances and two flash drives with sound files were found and seized. From the sound files it is established that persons who are the subject of investigation hold conversations with the aim of taking measures to obstruct the activities of law enforcement bodies, appointments and dismissals in the system of the Ministry of the Interior.

The supervising prosecutor is about to make an assessment to separate the materials from the present proceedings into a separate case with the subject of organized criminal activity with regard to trading in influence - an offence under Article 321 of the Criminal Code and under Article 304b of the Criminal Code.

During the course of the investigation concerning one of the accused in the present proceedings, threats were made against the life and health of a magistrate. The magistratе have withdrawn from the case. Immediate measures have been taken to protect the magistrate by the Security General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice.

In spite of the attempts to influence and bother the work of the law enforcement authorities in relation to documenting and revealing criminal activity, Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office will carry out all actions to reveal the objective truth and bring to justice the persons for whom evidence of crimes has been collected so that they are held criminally responsible for their actions.

This information is provided after explicit authorization under Article 198 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by the supervising prosecutor.